Criminal Law

Facing a criminal court case?

If you are going through a criminal court case or anything similar, then K Boswell & Co are here for you. Our experienced criminal lawyers can help get you the best verdict you deserve and provide you with support to help you get through your trial. We will always fight with your best interests at heart.

A Criminal Defence You Can Count On

As passionate advocates for the law, we strongly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty; which is why our criminal lawyers will fight your case to the upmost of their ability.

If you have been arrested and need immediate legal help or have an upcoming legal battle, don’t let yourself go alone or unprepared.

Let our criminal law team fight for you to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Contact our expert criminal law team today and take the first step to a positive verdict.

Legal Aid may be available, contact us to find out.

Each case is different and providing a price is very difficult, but we offer initial advice for £180 (inc £36 VAT).

After this consultation we will give you some idea of the cost for your case.

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