Family Law

We’ll guide you

We understand anything to do with family law can be sensitive and upsetting to go through. That is why our friendly team of experienced family lawyers are here to help guide you through the legal process. We will manage your case ensuring that your objectives are met. As family is such an important matter, we will fight for your case and won’t cease to do our best for you.

Taking the First Step in Family Law is the Hardest

Once you have contacted our family law team, we can make arrangements to take care of the complicated procedures for you.

Our family lawyers are trained and experienced solicitors, but are also caring and compassionate and will always be there to support you. Our mission is to help you get the best and limit any emotional stress in the process.

Legal Aid may be available, contact us to find out.

Each case is different and providing a price is very difficult, but we offer initial advice for £180 (inc £36 VAT).

After this consultation we will give you some idea of the cost for your case.

Who will carry out the work? (click for their qualifications)

Kay Boswell

Kay Boswell