Children’s Law

It would be safe to say you want the best for your children, and so do we.

With every Children’s Law case, our expert team here at K Boswell & Co go above and beyond to ensure your children are protected.

So, if you are fighting for care of your child or to see your child, we can help. Our experienced children’s lawyers are dedicated to making sure your child receives the best possible outcome of any case.

Get the Best Outcome for Your Children

We understand fighting for child custody can be a truly distressing ordeal. That’s why K Boswell & Co fight not only for your child’s future, but for yours as well.

We will fight for your case to ensure the best outcome is achieved. It is our aim to ensure you get what you want, but also that your children get what they want too.

So, for all your custody issues, our children’s lawyers can help you today. Book in a one-on-one consultation and start planning today.

We work hard to get the best outcome for you and your children.

Legal Aid may be available, contact us to find out.

Each case is different and providing a price is very difficult, but we offer initial advice for £180 (inc £36 VAT).

After this consultation we will give you some idea of the cost for your case.

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Kay Boswell

Kay Boswell